Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Aryeh Ralbag, (V25) The Quintessential Corrupt Rabbinic Judge

Did you know that Aryeh Ralbag, the rabbinic thug who considers himself “Hareidi”, actually lends his approval to non-glatt meat? Well, in just a few moments I will show you how he also boasts about giving his approval to non-glatt GETS.

Hello again everyone, and welcome to my next very short video. Most of you already know that this channel is dedicated to exposing the rampant corruption in modern day rabbinic courts, and especially in matters of Jewish divorce. What I have for you today is one such corrupt rabbinic judge, Aryeh Ralbag, who has been recently caught admitting, on an Israeli Haredi channel, that he has no qualms whatsoever about coercing a Get, despite it not being allowed, as we all know. Now, for those of you watching this channel for the first time, I encourage you to watch my other videos in order to understand the halochos relating to Jewish divorce. In any case, I will link for you below numerous letters from rabbis of previous generations, which both prohibit and invalidate Gittin procured through coercive tactics. For all of you women out there who are watching this video, and who may be involved in the business of receiving a GET, you need to know that you must be prudent in obtaining a Get that was given willingly by your husband, without coercion. Otherwise, you risk violating the grave sin of Eshes Ish, one of the most serious sins in the Torah, where the halocho states Yehareg Ve’al Yaavor; meaning, you must be willing to even give up your life and not violate it. Additionally, any children born after receiving a coerced get will render them Mamzeirim.

So without further ado, let us get into the aforementioned video clip, where Ralbag openly admits to his methods of coercion. I will link for you below the actual website posting this video, which I am about to play for you. It is in Hebrew, so I will endeavor to translate it for you. By the way, pay very close attention to his Yarmulka, the large one perched on top of his head (show photo). This type is usually worn only by the great roshei yeshivos, such as rav Moshe Feinstein (show photo) and rav Aharon Kotler (show photo), rabbis who themselves would never ever put their holy stamp of approval on either non-glatt meat or non-glatt Gittin, as this phony Ralbag does.
(Play clip)

So in the video you just watched, Ralbag was asked by two reporters about what he sees as being the greatest challenge of his career, to which he replied: the “problem” of Agunot. Ralbag acknowledges that in Israel, they solved this problem already, because there they can apply coercive measures, such as imprisonment. But in the US on the other hand, he doesn’t have these methods at his disposal. Ralbag does admit that once upon a time in America, he was able to use coercion, but not any longer. By that, he was referring to the “good old days”, where he and Mendel Epstein were arranging the kidnap and torture of husbands in order to extract a Get, but that this practice is no longer allowed. The truth is that this was NEVER allowed, both by American law and by halocho, but Ralbag and Epstein had simply gotten away with it for years and years, until the FBI finally caught up with them. See my videos entitled, Mendel Epstein, The Notorious Rabbinic Gangster, and Aryeh Ralbag, The Railroading Backstabbing Gangster, linked below, for more information about these unsavory characters.

As the video clip continues, Ralbag boasts to his interviewers that he has arranged for a husband in Dubai to be imprisoned for refusing a Get. But he seems to derive the most satisfaction by gloating about his accomplishments in Amsterdam, where he persuaded a high-powered lawyer to enact a law, to the effect that if someone from the entire European continent merely fails to appear before Ralbag’s bais din, that he can be fined 100,000 Euros. And if subsequently he refuses to give a Get, well then he might even be imprisoned. Ralbag then emphasizes that he doesn’t use batons to beat up a man, only imprisonment. So in essence what we have here is a heretic rabbi, with a proclivity to dress up like a great sage of yesteryear. In so doing, he portrays himself to the public as if he belongs to the exclusive rabbinic club of great Talmudic sages, but at the same time, he openly admits to breaking serious religious law.

Chazal say that a pig lays down with its forelegs stetched out in front of everyone, as if to say, Look people, I’m kosher, I have split hooves. But it’s what you can’t see on the outside, namely that the pig does not chew its cud, which truly reveals its nature, rendering it as unkosher. Similarly, Ralbag’s saintly-looking Yarmulka cannot hide who he really is, and what he stands for. First of all, he approves the non-glatt Hebrew National hot dogs for consumption, calling them kosher. Someone who is in possession of only a miniscule Torah education, who wishes to purchase kosher meat, will stumble and buy this product because of Ralbag’s meaningless stamp of approval. And when it comes to matters of Gittin, I have explained many times that any coercion, whether by shaming, imprisonment, false seruvim or by beatings, are all rendered equal in the eyes of halocho, and are strictly forbidden. Ralbag’s insistence that his methods of imprisonment, or imposing hefty fines are permitted, because they don’t involve the use of nightsticks to beat up a man, is pure heresy and anti-halocho. Anyone who truly believes in the Torah and desires to give or receive a kosher Get, must be made aware of Ralbag’s odious opinion about kosher meat hashgocho, as well as his history, going back years, in the procurement of coerced Gittin. May hashem protect us from these corrupt Dayanim, and redeem us soon from this long exile.

Thank you all for watching, and please tell a few friends about this channel. Although It’s been a while since my last video, and although I’ve been busy of late, I can assure you that I am definitely not going away. There is too much work left undone in the matter of educating the public about Jewish divorce, so I look forward to seeing you all in the next video.

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