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Jewish Divorce

Welcome To Jewish Divorce

Divorce can be scary and confusing

Are you contemplating getting a Jewish divorce? Does your partner want to divorce you? Or maybe you just want to know more about the Jewish divorce process.
We understand. We’ve been there too.

We are a group of rabbis, writers and other Jewish professionals. After many years of study and experience in the field of Jewish divorce, we have come to the conclusion that the topic is shrouded in a thick fog of obscurity and misinformation. And no wonder! Many of the source materials were composed thousands of years ago. Since most were written in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, they are only accessible to very learned scholars.
Agunah vs. Moredet

Case in point: Some may have heard that a woman who rebels against her husband – and demands a divorce – is known as an agunah. Yet how many of us know that the correct term for this is actually moredet? To cite another example, how many of us know that in a case of no-fault divorce, a get must be given at the husband’s pleasure, without even the slightest hint of coercion? It is very important that people taking part in the divorce process fully understand these concepts. Anything less would be like trusting a high-school biology student to perform open-heart surgery. And yet, there are many ‘rabbis’ and lay people who dabble in this subject, without even possessing the basic proper credentials.
The lack of trustworthy information was unmistakable

The laws of Jewish marriage and divorce are some of the most complex statutes known to man. This website is our attempt at bridging the information gap. We hope you find it entertaining as well as informative. Please have a look at some of our recent posts, get involved, and join the discussion.